What Wisconsinites Are Watching: Russ Rallies GOTV in Final Weekend

November 7, 2016 News · Press Releases · Video

In the final weekend before Election Day, Russ traveled across the state to rally voters and volunteers to get out the vote.

From Hudson to Milwaukee, Russ spoke to about what’s at stake in this election: a living wage, affordable health care, equal pay for women, and access to affordable higher education.

He was joined along the way by vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, who joined Russ in underscoring what’s on the line for working families should Donald Trump and Sen. Johnson succeed in pushing their extreme, divisive agenda.

Here’s what Wisconsinites are watching:

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold made stops at a campaign office and a church in Milwaukee and later spoke with students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Feingold said he would work with Clinton and Kaine to ensure passage of paid family leave, raise the minimum wage and protect Social Security.
Feingold and Kaine both drew loud applause when they referenced the record-breaking early voting turnout in Wisconsin.”


From WisPolitics

“Feingold introduced Kaine, telling the get-out-the vote volunteers that they're making history.
Feingold added to cheers, “They didn't want voter ID, they didn't want early voting and all this, and you know what we said? We're going to federal court and get that early voting extended."

A Clinton-Kaine administration will help raise the minimum wage, enact paid family leave, hold down costs of medicine, protect Social Security and do something about the cost of college, Feingold said.

In return, Kaine said, “not only Wisconsinites, but all Americans” need Feingold to win back his Senate seat.”



“Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Russ Feingold made a stop at the Portage County Democratic headquarters in Stevens Point on Saturday.
Feingold kicked off a canvassing event in the city and spoke about why he believes the area is a vital part of the state.
Feingold said he would strive to help working families and not side with big business.”



“Democratic Candidate for US Senate Russ Feingold stopped by a campaign office in Madison to fire up volunteers to help get out the vote.

Feingold laid out the stakes of the election, including his tight battle between Sen. Ron Johnson, calling out volunteers to work hard the next few days before the election.”


From the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

“Democrat Russ Feingold who is challenging Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson Tuesday was on hand to help kickoff the canvassing.

Feingold said he feels good going into Tuesday’s election as he thanked the volunteers canvassing.”