Russ for Wisconsin Releases New TV Ad: “Choice”

November 5, 2016 Press Releases · Video

Russ Stands with Wisconsinites

Today, Russ for Wisconsin released a new, thirty-second television ad titled “Choice.” The ad will air through Election Day.

WATCH “Choice” here.

The ad lays out the clear choice facing Wisconsinites in this election between Sen. Johnson’s status quo of an economy that’s rigged against Wisconsin’s middle class and working families and Russ’s vision of an economy that works for everyone.

Since launching this campaign, Russ has traveled to all 72 of Wisconsin’s counties at least twice where he’s listened to middle-class and working families who are still having a hard time paying the bills in an economy that’s been rigged against them by special interests and their out of touch backers like Sen. Johnson.

If elected on November 8th, Russ will focus on building an economy that works for everyone, including passing a minimum wage increase, implementing paid family leave policies, and strengthening Social Security and Medicare for our seniors and generations to come.

The choice on Election Day is clear: while Sen. Johnson wants to stay in Washington for another six years to protect the interests of powerful corporations, billionaires, and multi-millionaires like himself, Russ will fight for middle class and working Wisconsinites in all 72 counties. They want leaders to build an economy that works for everyone, not just big corporate special interests and multi-millionaires like Sen. Johnson.

WATCH “Choice” here.