What Wisconsinites are Reading: Russ and Joe Biden Rally Wisconsin Voters

November 4, 2016 News

VPOTUS: Trump and Sen. Johnson are “carbon copies” of each other “Johnson and Republican nominee Donald Trump are ‘cut from the same political, ideological cloth,’ Biden said.”

Today, Russ was joined by VP Joe Biden in Madison to rally voters for the final four days of the election.

Russ and Joe both emphasized their hopeful visions for the future, including strengthening the economy for the middle class, and underscored what’s at stake for working families should Donald Trump and Sen. Johnson succeed in pushing their extreme, divisive agenda.

Here’s what Wisconsinites are reading:

WisPolitics: Biden: Trump and Johnson cut from same 'ideological cloth'

“Vice President Joe Biden...took a series of shots Friday at U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, drawing comparison between the Oshkosh Republican and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.
“Donald Trump and Ron Johnson, they are cut from the same political ideological cloth,” Biden said before slamming the pair on things like denying climate change and taxes.”

Cap Times: Joe Biden in Madison: 'God love you, go out and vote' for Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold

“Biden spent as much time boosting the Democratic former Secretary of State as he did praising Feingold, who is challenging Republican Sen. Ron Johnson for the seat he held for 18 years before being ousted in 2010.
Johnson and Republican nominee Donald Trump are "cut from the same political, ideological cloth," Biden said.
Biden presented Trump and Johnson as out of touch with the middle class, and said the choice voters have "could not be more stark."
"The arc of history has always been forward, and what these guys want to do is literally move it backward," Biden said.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Biden tells Madison crowd wage hikes needed

“Biden almost spent less of his speech hitting Trump than hitting Wisconsin's GOP U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, who is locked in a tighter race against Democrat and former U.S. Sen. candidate Russ Feingold. Biden joked he would "take Ronald McDonald" over Ron Johnson and Donald Trump, pointing out that both have questioned an increase in the minimum wage.
"This guy doesn’t just not want to raise the minimum wage," Biden said of Johnson. "He doesn’t think there should be a federal minimum wage."
Feingold introduced Biden as a champion of working families and said he would be the same, casting Johnson as a tool of the wealthy.
"He will never vote with you against the corporations and the millionaires and the billionaires. He will never give you a vote," Feingold said. "I will vote with you!"”

Wisconsin State Journal: Joe Biden: On policy, Ron Johnson and Donald Trump 'carbon copies of each other'

“Vice President Joe Biden called U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson a "carbon copy" of Donald Trump while campaigning in Madison for Johnson's rival, Russ Feingold, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"These guys are from the same policy perspective," said Biden to a crowd of about 1,200 at the Orpheum Theater. "They seem to be carbon copies of each other, not in character, but in terms of their positions."

Biden criticized Johnson's opposition to a federal minimum wage and his recent comments on climate change, in which he said mankind has "flourished" in warmer weather.

"Hillary and Russ know that climate change is actually real," said Biden.”

Associated Press: Biden rallies for Clinton, Feingold in Madison

“The vice president touched on familiar themes in the presidential race, including military strength, a livable wage for middle class workers, affordable college tuition and climate change.

U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold appeared with Biden at the Orpheum Theatre and later joined him for ice cream at a coffee shop on the Capitol square.”