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We have a sacred responsibility to support our veterans.

Russ believes we have a sacred responsibility to support our veterans for their dedication to keeping us safe. Traveling across Wisconsin, Russ has been listening to the concerns of veterans and their ideas for change.

Russ has been a longtime champion for the rights and care of veterans, and if elected, plans to continue that leadership.

Providing the care earned by our veterans

As Russ travels across Wisconsin, he listens to the ideas and concerns of veterans — especially regarding the VA. While problems at the VA must be addressed directly and thoroughly, veterans overwhelmingly say they like the care they receive, and strongly believe that the VA should not be privatized.

Veterans also need access to quality and convenient health care that addresses all of their unique physical and psychological needs. That’s why Russ worked to open new veterans care facilities in La Crosse, Rice Lake, Hayward, Wausau, and Green Bay. He also worked to improve service at the Milwaukee VA medical center and successfully pushed for a spinal cord injury unit.

In addition, veterans struggling with addiction — increasingly related to prescription drugs and opioids — need access to treatment and support, not punishment. Russ supports using veterans treatment courts to provide veterans with support and services that allow them to lead successful, productive lives.

Providing education and employment opportunities

Veterans develop valuable skills and trades in the military that can be transferred to the private sector. However, too often veterans don’t receive the academic and industry recognition they deserve. That’s why Russ wants to find ways for community colleges and businesses to recognize the value of their service and knowledge.

Veterans also deserve support to get a quality education, either at four-year universities or community colleges. That’s why Russ supported the post-9/11 GI Bill, which has provided education benefits to over one million veterans — and why he wants to crack down on for-profit colleges, with no track record of success, from targeting and exploiting veterans.

Caring for women soldiers and veterans

The VA doesn’t adequately address the needs of female veterans, so it’s imperative that they modernize to meet those needs. This means outfitting VA clinics with appropriate facilities, trained staff, and providing childcare services for veterans who are mothers.

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