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Export Wisconsin Products, Not Wisconsin Jobs


All across Wisconsin, middle-class and working families tell Russ about their economic concerns. Besides just being able to pay the bills, Wisconsinites are concerned about extraordinary expenses like supporting an adult child who maybe lost their job. And in the back of the minds of many Wisconsinites, they’re constantly worry that one day, their manager is going to call a meeting and announce layoffs.

It’s a fear that no one in Wisconsin should have – and it’s one that didn’t used to exist. But it’s a fear that’s real, because we’ve seen deals like NAFTA upend families and gut Wisconsin’s middle class. As Russ travels Wisconsin, he hears that the violence done by the trade deals of the past is still felt today.

Oppose Trade Agreements that Ship Wisconsin Jobs Overseas

As we invest in training programs and continue to improve the economy, we must oppose the corporate-written trade agreements that ship our jobs overseas.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is heading straight for us on a collision course. And Congress, including Senator Johnson, voted to put it on the fast track.

The deal’s proponents, Republicans AND Democrats, say that, despite the losses created by previous trade deals, this trade deal is the most progressive in history.

We’ve Seen This Before

Proponents of the TPP say it has true protections for our workers, but that’s what they said about NAFTA.

They say it will protect the environment – and respect the environmental laws in the participating countries – but that’s what they said about NAFTA.

And they say it will help build our middle class and benefit working families, not just giant corporations – that’s what they said about NAFTA, and they couldn’t have been more wrong.

We weren’t fooled by NAFTA, and we won’t be fooled by the TPP.

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