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Retirement Security

Retirement Security for Wisconsin Seniors

Wisconsin seniors are feeling squeezed, and they worry that saving for a comfortable, independent retirement is getting harder and harder in today’s economy. Yet the path to a secure, independent retirement for Wisconsin’s seniors is clear, if we work together.

As Russ has been traveling to all 72 counties, he’s heard that Social Security, still more than any other factor, is crucial to long term retirement plans – yet seniors worry that Congress might once again put their Social Security benefits at risk. And without a cost-of- living increase this year, Social Security’s benefits isn’t able to cover all the expenses it used to.

First, Social Security benefits should never be cut, they should be expanded.

Now, as one of the most important programs in the history of our country, Social Security is an essential part of a secure retirement, but it’s also not a silver bullet – we also need to ensure fair wages so working people can save more for their retirement years. But our parents, grandparents, and children deserve a Social Security program that helps assure an independent retirement for Wisconsinites for many decades to come.

We can do this in a way that’s fiscally responsible. Multi-millionaires and billionaires, for example, should finally pay their fair share into the program. For too long, Washington has placed the burden of reducing our long-term budget problems squarely on the backs of working families, nickel-and- diming the working families who struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the wealthiest in our country, and the corporations calling all the shots, have gotten a free pass. And let’s be honest: privatizing Social Security has been on the Wall Street wish list for many years, because they want to get their hands on our retirement income, and they’re not about to give up.

Making Prescription Drugs More Affordable

It’s time to finally allow Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices, because the time for giveaways to pharmaceutical companies should be over. With Medicare’s substantial bargaining power, it’s estimated the US government could save $123 billion for taxpayers while also reducing the cost many Americans pay for their prescription drugs.